Intentionizer - Tapping into The Subconscious 1.0

Intentionizer - Tapping into The Subconscious 1.0



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Date Added:16 February, 2014

Author: Big Stone Phone

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A tool for focusing your intentions.

Empirically proven if you set intention and goals for yourself you can accomplish so much more!

Intentionizer weaves the techniques of visionaries, surrealists, poets, fortune tellers, mystics, yogis and wordsmiths into an iPhone oracle, a meditation enhancer, and a productivity tool.

Intentionizer helps you focus your intentions and call the subconscious mind into view. It is a lens, a guide, a companion, a teacher, a trickster, and a means through which you may contemplate and digest the present and future.

From the iChing to the cut-up work of William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin to the Ouiji Board and fortune cookie, Intentionizer creates an opening to receive information from the Third Mind.

Intentionizer yields contemplations which, when chewed upon slowly with the mind and soul, help to dissolve disharmony and create positive vibrations as a means to engage with the world. Like the Surrealists, Intentionizer aims to impregnate the mundane world with the marvelous. And like the yogis, Intentionizer aims for the transmutation of worldly experience into sattva.


* Tap into the subconscious, the living word, and the group mind. Quiet your mind and thoughts and center your heart.
* Shake Intentionizer.
* Absorb the words and the acronym.
* Research the interweb of intentions.
* Comment upon them.
* Instantly Tweet your intentions to your favorite Twitter client.

"Let us not mince words: the marvelous is always beautiful, anything marvelous is beautiful, in fact only the marvelous is beautiful."
--The Surrealist Manifesto

--How it works--

Intentionizer pulls 4 words or short phrases onto the screen. These words and phrases are then arranged into an easy-to-remember word that provides an interesting spin to the experience.

It sports a dictionary so that each Intentionizer word-phrase will feature one or two sentences to frame the resonance. Words & phrases should be largely, but not exclusively 'positive,' --yet all should have a reasonably sattvic/inspirational spin for a general audience.


* Review history of your past intentions.
* Add notes to your Intentions
* Delete intentions.
* Deep exploration of your web of intentions on the internets.
* Tweet your intentions, your notes, and/or links from your web explorations.

--Some influences--

Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies,
Surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse,
Critical media theory,
Angel cards,
I Ching,
Yoga practice,
Tantric Tattva theory,
Gnostic Christianity,
Geek culture,
Judaic Wisdom,

"Surrealism will usher you into death, which is a secret society. It will glove your hand, burying therein the profound M with which the word Memory begins."
--The Surrealist Manifesto

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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